Women leaders in the community support Jim DeBello for Congress

"He has the solutions and passion for our community"

With the current crisis preventing many small businesses from opening, schools going remote, and a push from the government to have more local control, women leaders are giving their support to Jim DeBello who is speaking up for the issues that impact the daily lives of women across the country.

"In times of crisis it is important to have leadership in place with the proper training and tools to address the situation at hand," Ronne Froman says, "during the economic crisis we find ourselves today, there is no one more experienced and equipped than Jim DeBello to help lead us on a path to recovery."


From Democrats to Independents to Republicans, women leaders understand that the road ahead will require hard work and dedication. "When it comes down to who is going to be the best suited for our country during this time," says Mayor Rebecca Jones, "we need someone with a proven background in business, not a career politician."

Women leaders are supporting Jim because they are excited about who he is as a person and what he has accomplished. "Jim is full of energy, full of light, full of great ideas, and he gets the job done," says Jo Dee Jacob, adding, "that is the kind of person we need in Congress right now, someone that actually wants this difficult job and has the skills to go along with it."


Supervisor Dianne Jacob adds that, "the culture and discourse in Washington need to be changed," she continues, "Jim will focus on the needs of our region, not on political gamesmanship."

Partial List of Women Endosements:

Ronne Froman
Former CEO, American Red Cross San Diego

Major Rebecca Jones
San Marcos

Jo Dee Jacob

Former CEO Girl Scouts San Diego

Supervisor Dianne Jacob

San Diego County D2

California Women's Leadership Association

Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson
California Republican Party

Harriet Berholtz
Co-Host, "Now Hear Me Out"

Michelle Nguyen

Army Veteran

Kimberlee Young

Biotech Entrepreneur

Gina Roberts

Activist and Educator

June Cutter
Mother, Attorney, Small Business Owner and Candidate for Assembly

Dr. Melanie Burkholder 

Central Committee and Candidate for Assembly

Jim DeBello is running against Scott Peters in California's 52nd Congressional District. Jim was the co-inventor of mobile check deposit which is used by over 80 million Americans and has business experience in 6 countries including China. Jim brings an amazing resume and timely proposals to voters from Coronado to Poway. His opponent has not passed a bill in the last 8 years and recently gave away his vote to a Congresswoman in New York. Jim and all his supporters believe the people of San Diego deserve better representation.


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