Why I Want to Invest in Clean Air, Clean Water and Renewable Energy

Jim DeBello
Candidate for Congress, 52nd District

I am strongly supportive of measures that ensure clean air and clean water, and support the
goal to ultimately meet 100% of our power demand through clean, renewable, and
zero-emission energy resources.

Rather than the politics of climate, however, I’m focused on practical, common sense solutions
for reversing the human impact that is within our control. Today’s patchwork of climate solutions
are inadequate and many are economically impractical. To have a meaningful impact, we must
commit to a significant investment in R&D that accelerates a transition to new forms of energy
that are scalable and economically supportable. Congress and the private sector need to drive
innovation at an uncommonly high pace. As a technology entrepreneur, I’ve seen firsthand
the power of brilliant ideas, but it takes significant investment to which we must be ready to

For example, I advocate investing in carbon capture technologies, new biofuels and other
market driven incentives to change behavior, including Farm carbon sequestration, Forestation,
and Massive battery storage.

Human-contributed climate change can be reduced through thoughtful, measured change in
how we produce and consume energy. Continued scientific discovery and modeling is also
important. But the proposals in the Green New Deal are impractical and counterproductive.
Overreaching prescriptions including diets eliminating consumption of meat (methane) and air
travel are not reasonable or helpful and undermine more measured, less hysterical approaches
that will gain wider acceptance.

It’s certainly fair to say that humans contribute to climate change and I acknowledge that. I
understand that there is inherent uncertainty in modeling a problem that humans have never
faced before. That is why we must align our climate proposals with practical realities rooted in
common sense. We saw the unintended consequences in New York when natural gas
connections were suspended in an effort to mitigate climate change. As a result, people
resorted to inefficient and expensive electricity to power space heaters. The Green New Deal
approach is not sensible. Actually, it is so far off the charts that it damages the case for
responsible action. Let’s not make the solution worse than the problem.

China is a principle emitter and will continue to do what is in its interests. I have lived and
worked with Chinese on the ground in China and understand their policy and business
complexities; it is unreasonable to expect their conformance to Paris climate targets without
meaningful enforcement mechanisms that are lacking in the Paris accords.

America must lead by example and do so in a measured and responsible way. Let’s not get
duped into false solutions that damage our economic progress or divert excessive resources
from other pressing global issues such as malaria, hunger, and potable water still unavailable to
millions of people.

The 52nd District is home to the world’s leading research, water desalination, energy, and
scientific minds. Yet our District is invisible nationally and lacks a strong voice in Congress
regarding technical innovation. Our leadership is crucial to solving global climate change, and
piecemeal work will not suffice.

There is precedent for accelerated innovation; when the going got rough, America invested
heavily in technology to protect our freedom and end World War II. We are doing so again today
with research and development of coronavirus vaccine candidates. Preventing climate change
is similarly complicated. It’s time to get beyond the politics and hyperbole, and get real about
common sense solutions, greater investment in research, and incentives for good environmental

A strong America requires cheap and abundant energy. As the Representative for the 52nd
District, I will work to unleash the power of accelerated innovation to ensure a sustainable
environment with clean air, clean water and clean energy.


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