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Dollars and Sense: The Citizen’s “Business”

The 52nd Congressional District produces more than half of San Diego’s GDP. Innovation is the heartbeat of our district. We are home to many of the globe’s leading telecom, healthcare and life science companies, and the home port of the Pacific fleet. Our Travel and Visitor industry is vibrant. To ensure our future, we need a builder for the 21st Century. During my career, I have raised over $100 million for San Diego-based innovation companies and created hundreds of jobs. 


A good offense requires a good defense. Balancing a budget is a big part of creating productive jobs. Our outrageous Federal deficit spending must end. America, our America, has an annual Trillion Dollar Deficit ($1,000,000,000,000) with debt repayment exceeding $400 billion a year. This crushing debt saps our national vitality and mortgages our children’s future. Imagine the infrastructure we could replenish, the schools we could build and the tax reductions we could provide if we had sound fiscal discipline.


During the incumbent’s time in the swamp, the government has shut down three times and the debt ceiling has been raised above the legal limit nine times, most recently by $320 billion. Shutdowns and deficits cost American Taxpayers billions of dollars in lost wages and opportunity. Yet Congress keeps their perks. It’s not right and cannot be tolerated.

As your congressman, I will work to:

  1. Enact legal requirements forcing both Parties to shape up;

  2. Ensure the Federal Budget defaults to the prior year’s budget to avoid shutdowns until a new budget is passed; and,

  3. Strip Congress of Travel reimbursement and Pay until a balance budget is passed.

Strength and Honor

Military men and women who serve deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. America is the beacon of liberty and first line of defense for freedom. It was America who responded to Iran’s recent illegal hijacking of British oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. Peace requires strength and diplomacy, yet our peacekeepers are stretched thin. Middle East terrorism, North Korean nuclear weapons, and an increasingly belligerent China and Russia are dangerous threats. Our navy lacks 60 ships to fulfill its mission. Meanwhile, our service men and women only recently received a critical pay adjustment to meet increasing costs of living. Let us say “thank you for your service” with action, not words.


As your congressman, I will work to:

  1. Add 60 navy ships to regain a full-strength Navy capable of meeting multi-ocean defense threats;

  2. Enforce full NATO defense contributions of 2% of every nation’s GDP;

  3. Increase VA regional autonomy and accountability to serve the men and women who have served our nation; and,

  4. Adequately fund our diplomatic corps to ensure mission effectiveness.

Environmental Leadership: A Fresh Perspective

It stinks. Literally. Tijuana River sewage closes our San Diego beaches for half of each year and jeopardizes the health of our citizens. It’s time to end this environmental disaster once and for all.


Climate Change is our ultimate environmental challenge. But let’s not forget–oil and natural gas (fossil fuels) are essential to our prosperity and existence. Solar and Wind energy will account for only 15% of foreseeable future consumption, even optimistically. We need to seriously explore scalable, renewable and clean energy sources, some unimagined today. Imagine abundant and less costly electric energy to power our homes, transportation and seawater reclamation. It’s time now to invest in new resources that produce clean, abundant and less costly energy and water.

As your congressman, I will work to:

  1. Invest in research to develop next generation clean, renewable, abundant and less costly energy and water resources;

  2. Convert to Carbon Sequestration farming to increase farm yields and reduce carbon;

  3. Build an Interstate Electric Grid to distribute power nationally to lower costs;

  4. Create tax incentives to develop high capacity renewable energy farms;

  5. Maintain energy independence through domestic production of essential oil and natural gas;

  6. Streamline regulations to encourage environmentally friendly water production and desalination.

Welcome U.S.A. – Immigration that’s Sensible and Legal

Our nation is a nation of immigrants. I strongly support policies fostering immigration and welcoming new citizens. Immigration is America’s “re-boot button.” We refresh our talent and gain new ideas by attracting the best and the brightest, the strongest and the most determined. This is what our republic was founded upon and the reason we are the vibrant and diverse nation we are today. However, it must be done legally.


Border Security: Humane Enforcement


Every democratic nation has borders to protect its citizens. Every president from Reagan to Clinton, Obama to Trump has advocated strong borders. They must be enforced to be effective. Our system is broken. Waves of illegal migration have strained our society, while many of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens are neglected on the streets of our largest cities. Rogue ‘sanctuary city’ politicians have bypassed our country’s rules of law, undermined our ability to effectively guard our borders and fueled a humanitarian crisis. At the same time, our border agents are the lowest paid law enforcement branch in the country. Congress has failed to act, and my opponent stands silent.


As your congressman, I will work to:

  1. Enact sensible immigration and asylum policies and procedures that end the gaming of our laws;

  2. Increase H-1b visas to attract and retain key technical talent to grow our industries and prosperity for all Americans; and

  3. Increase border security by using technology and meaningful barriers to stem the flow of illegal crossings.


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